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  • Puyallup Schools Community Partnership Program

    Use a local Realtor and reward your schools.
Total given to date to the Puyallup School

District: $7000


Kramer Smith Community Partnership Program 
Good schools are one of the most important characteristics of a desirable community. Funding for after school programs, sports or special events is always a challenge. I've started this Community Partnership Program to help with that. As a former Puyallup schools student, and graduate of Rogers High School, I appreciate the strength of our schools. I want to do what I can to help them remain great.
This program is very simple. For every closed real estate transaction I do that involves a buyer or seller who is a parent, staff member, or teacher in the Puyallup School District I will donate $500 to a dedicated school fund. This money will be used as directed by school officials to help kids with their learning and activities.
This is not a program that is officially sponsored or endorsed by the school district. 

                                                                       How Do You Get Involved?

It's easy to get involved. If you are connected to someone who is currently involved in the Puyallup School system who is looking for a home or wants to sell their current residence you should ask them if they are working with a local real estate professional. If not, ask them if they would be willing to interview me for the job of being their personal Realtor. With their permission you can call or email me with contact information and I will be in touch. You can also use the form below to send me basic information. I will do the rest and will make the donation in your name when a real estate transaction is closed.
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